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Thần Lửa - Goddess of Fire

Some time been call Bà Hoả - Lady Fire. Is an old woman with a horrible face that can scare the shit out of you. Legend say that if you use her fire in your kitchen, your house will always have food, you will not fear to be starving anymore. But she also the one who burn everything just for little fun. She was a good and chaos goddess at same time, totally random.

Note: Legend say that she not always appear as an ugly old woman. Some time she appear as a kind and beautiful young lady. But still burn your house to the ground if she feel like to do it. Create by Ông Trời, she belong to First Creation race.

Thần Núi - God of Mountain

Every mountains have a god. But they are not really god. Just some animal or human, who has done something very good that get attention of the real gods (usually is Ông Trời) who will then turn them into The God of Mountain. Their duty is to watch and protect every living being in that mountain, keep the balance of nature. They also protect magic toys for Ông Trời from other naugty gods, demon and human who try to take it from him (He make too much toys and don't have enough space in castle to hide it. Some time he don't even know what it could do but heck, just don't care and make another one).

The most famous God of Mountain is Sơn Tinh, a human who learn magic and become god then marry princess Mỵ Nương, daughter of Hùng King.

Note: God of Mountain have one special job that not their duty but they just automatically do it. When a hero fall, his soul will go to the sky, but his body will stay and become a spirit. The God of Mountain will take care and protect that spirit from all evil being who want to use it for bad thing. Then turn it into The Holy Spirit of Mountain and River. Some kind of mindless guardian with godlike power to help the gods protect the mountain. That why God of Mountain also The God of Heroes.

And yes, they can die because old age (except special case like Sơn Tinh). They belong to Second Creation race.

Thần nước - God of Water

Like Gods of Mountain. Every river and sea have a god to control it (they control sea because the fucking God of Sea don't do shit about it). They also have power to create rain so they are Gods of Rain too. In all gods, Gods of Water is the one who has more interesting in human. There are many tales about they harm, rape, oppression, make friend, protect, and fall in love with human.

The most infamous God of Water is Thuỷ Tinh, who was a friend, a brother to Sơn Tinh but end up become his nemesis because a love triangle.

They not been replace but their duty has been limited then before. They are no longer control sea and rain. Thank for another two bastard from China that i don't bother to mention their names.

Note: Most of God of Water is a big crocodile can turn into human shape by magic, of couse. But some time that could be a demigod like Thuỷ Tinh or a dragon. Another thing that need to mention is God of Water indeed live very long, longer then God of Mountain, but they not Immortal. They can be die when battle with human, monster, demon or execution by Ông Trời. They belong to Second Creation race.

Ông Đùng - The Giant One

Like it say. Is a freaking huge and giant god. Who every single steps loud like a storm and shake the world. His footprint become lake and swamp. His wife is Bà Đoàng (a goddess who just same size as him). They use to tectonic mountain, damming or kill monster for fun. When they have sex, you better run away from there because they will make earth quake. And after everytime like that, next season crops will be better (for some reason this kind of bullshit).

He and his wife is God of Wind, God of Storm, God of Tectonic Terrain, Protector of Human, God of Season, God of Love and Sex and Impregnation (damn they has so many title).

Note: Both of them born same time with Ông Trời so they belong to Firstborn race.


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Born and live in Ho Chi Minh city, a city named after our great leader. My dream is become an artist like mom and dad.

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